Maverik offers a huge selection of the finest organic/non-GMO specialty oils and ingredients to food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical manufactures. We follow the industry’s most current and widely respected independent third-party certification services, ensuring that the organic integrity of our products is preserved from seed to shelf.

At Maverik Oils, ownership and operations thrive under the same roof. This allows us to deliver our products as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. It also makes it easy to create custom blends of our products whenever necessary. We always challenge our partners to get the best quality at the lowest prices for all of our clients.


Saving you time and money is as important to us, as it is to you.

Oils and shortenings available in bulk tanker truck, 275 gal totes, 55 gal drums and 35 lb pails. Harder fats & oils are available in 50 lb cubes and 55 gal drums.