Cannabis and hemp are two varieties of the same plant, Cannabis sativa. Hemp seeds have been the subject of a significant number of controversies for a long time, because of their plant of origin. Though hemp is a variety of the plant Cannabis sativa, it has a very low THC content. Despite that, because of the global ban on the cannabis plant, and hemp’s relation to cannabis, hemp has also suffered. For years, there was no research and no commercial production of products made from hemp seed oil. 

Today, when most people hear the word cannabis, they think of a dangerous drug, one that can cause people to get “high” and hallucinate. The positive aspects and the hundred of uses and benefits of Cannabis sativa's varieties are easily forgotten, and due to this, the plant has remained ignored for the longest time. 

In recent years, there has been extensive research conducted on two types of oil derived from the Cannabis sativa plant; hemp seed oil and CBD oil. CBD oil is further derived from hemp seeds. Both of them are somewhat similar and considered cousins to each other, with the difference being that hemp seed-derived CBD has a lower THC content than cannabis-derived CBD. Only oils and products that contain certain levels of THC are considered legal. 

What Are Hemp Seeds? Hemp seeds are derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. Yes, it’s the same plant which gives us cannabis, or marijuana. Deemed illegal in many countries, cannabis is only now starting to be used as a medicinal drug because of its superior health benefits and its ability to heal pain and inflammation.  

In 2014, studies suggested that hemp seed oil could have anti-rheumatic effects. This could be chalked up to its anti-inflammatory properties and to the presence of GLA, also known as gamma-linolenic acid, which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid that is said to relieve inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that shows that hemp seed oil is of the most beneficial and nutritious products that can be harvested by modern industrial agriculture. Governments around the world are lowering the bans that have been placed for the longest time while monitoring the seeds and oil carefully to ensure no trace of THC makes it into the final product. Nonetheless, it is progress and paints a promising picture of the future of the harmless hemp seed oil.

 Maverik Oils extract pure hemp seed oil that is all-natural, meeting the law requirement with regards to the level of THC. The oil is of the finest quality and is processed and stored in a controlled environment with low chances of degradation. Maverik Oils can provide hemp seed oil in bulk for all your industrial needs. Call us at 1-888-516-8881 for quotations.

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