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Baby Formula Ingredients - Lecithin and Organic lecithin

As a new mother, or a soon to be mother, you want to make sure that your baby remains the healthiest that it can possibly be. A healthy baby is far more likely to be protected from illnesses such as the common cold that babies can otherwise catch easily.

A baby’s body is small and vulnerable, and you need to make sure that the food they consume is providing them with sufficient vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, while at the same time ensuring that the food is not extraordinarily heavy on their little tummies.

Lecithin, put simply, refers to a group of fatty acids found in the tissues of the human body. Here are some key facts about lecithin and organic lecithin as key ingredients in baby formula.

There Are Two Types of Lecithin– Organic and Inorganic

Lecithin, as mentioned above, is a group of fatty acids that can be found in human body tissues. Because it can be found in your body, it is safe to conclude that lecithin is essential for the biological functioning of your body.

Lecithin can be naturally found in a whole lot of foods, too – lecithin supplements are mostly derived from soy eggs and sunflower seeds. It is also possible to obtain lecithin from cottonseed, animal fats, and canola.

In the United States, lecithin is mostly extracted from the soy crop. Soy is one of the most commonly grown crops in the US, and approximately 95% of all soy crops are modified genetically. This means chemicals such as hexane and acetone are used on the soy crop to extract lecithin from it.

While soy is one of the cheapest ways to derive lecithin, nowadays, organic lecithin is becoming increasingly popular.

The world today is slowly moving away from anything that is chemically influenced and more toward natural alternatives. Organic products are certainly better for a person’s health and have few to no side effects as compared to inorganic products.

Lately, lecithin that is extracted from sunflower oil has become extremely popular. The process of extracting lecithin from sunflowers is very gentle. Cold pressing is used to extract the lecithin, and the use of any and all chemicals is avoided.

Why Is Lecithin Used In Baby Formula?

Whether organic or inorganic, lecithin can be very beneficial for infants and is therefore increasingly being used as an ingredient in baby formulas.

Here are some of the reasons why this ingredient is becoming so common in baby food.

High Nutrient Content

Lecithin is enriched with all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to function properly. It aids in digestion (which is very important for babies), improves and develops proper brain functioning (important in the first few years of a baby’s life), and also boosts immunity.

Babies are incredibly vulnerable, especially during their early years. Their bodies are small and weak and still in the process of developing. This is why it is so common for babies to be affected by colds, diarrhea, fever, and other such illnesses. To avoid all of this, it is vital that you make sure your baby has strong immunity.

One of the ways in which you can do that is by giving them baby formula that contains lecithin. Lecithin is great for building immunity and strengthening the body from the inside.

Helps With Auditory Problems in Children

Not only can lecithin do wonders for your child’s immunity, but it can also significantly help improve their auditory processes.

According to findings by various speech pathologists and parents of special children, lecithin (organic or inorganic) can improve the auditory processing function in children. When used for this purpose, it can either be consumed by itself or in addition to supplements such as flaxseed oil, primrose oil, vitamin E, and fish oil.

Research has found some evidence to suggest that children who routinely suffer from ear infections and problems with hearing and processing information can significantly benefit from lecithin consumption, both organic and inorganic.

According to a 1975 study conducted by researchers at MIT that focused on testing adult subjects on memory and learning-related tasks, it was discovered that those subjects who had been regularly consuming lecithin as part of their diets demonstrated a dramatic improvement in intelligence, memory, and thinking.

It is the left side of the brain that is responsible for all of these functions. The study tested the effects of lecithin, particularly on the left side of the brain.

Not only was there an improvement in memory and brain functioning, but those who consumed lecithin regularly also displayed a dramatic improvement in speech.

Often times, children suffer from slow brain functioning. It can be useful, therefore, to get them started on a lecithin-based formula from an early age.

There are so many options available today for you to choose from, so don’t shy away from doing what’s best for your child’s health.

Calms Your Child Down

This is yet another reason why there are so many lecithin-based baby and infant formulas on the rise in the markets. According to research by some doctors, lecithin can have a calming effect on your baby’s body and nervous system in particular.

This calming effect of lecithin has been studied in many different places and confirmed by Doctor Rimland, Director of the Center for Autism Research in San Diego.

Furthermore, a famous author Doctor Feingold, who penned down the popular ‘Feingold Diet,’ writes in his book about how he extensively made use of used lecithin in his program for children who were hyperactive and who refused to calm down.

There are a number of explanations for why lecithin is good at calming the body down. The nerve endings of the human body are covered in fats. These fats are primarily made up of lecithin. Sometimes, we might perceive a child as being too hyperactive. A child may appear to be hyperactive when the fat coverings around the nerves break down. As a result, the nervous system will automatically become riled up.

Lecithin is effective here because it can nourish the fatty coverings and can thus cure hypomania. Hypomania is a condition common in many children. It is characterized by a whole bunch of extra heightened activity and emotions.

Oftentimes, when children suffer from hypomania, they might find it difficult to calm down at all and even sleep at night. If your child is going through something similar, it makes sense to regularly give them infant formula containing lecithin, either soy or sunflower based.

Because many children are allergic to soy, the safer option would be to stick to organic lecithin.

Remember, lecithin will not work like magic. Don’t expect to see instantaneous results as soon as your child begins to consume it. You will need to give it time. But if consumed consistently over a period of time, you will most likely notice a difference. Your child will be calmer and will sleep better.

Hypomania can be common in babies too. If your baby is taking a long time to sleep and will simply not start crying, you might just want to consider switching to a baby formula that contains lecithin.

Motor Coordination and Balance

The benefits of lecithin for babies and infants are many, and a whole lot of these are still mostly undiscovered.

The human brain contains a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is primarily responsible for controlling and regulating the sensory and motion activities of the brain. There has been some research to indicate that lecithin use, especially consistently and over a period of time, can allow for the regeneration and rejuvenation of tired brain cells.

Doctors have conducted many informal studies of lecithin use on their patients and have observed the results of lecithin use persistently. It was discovered that there was approximately a 30% improvement in motor balance and coordination in those who suffered from a variety of motor disorders.

Lecithin consumption can nourish the fatty layer covering the nerve fibers. As such, it can help with major motor illnesses such as Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette’s syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the functioning of the brain and body, therefore impairing motor movements. An individual with this illness often loses control over their body.

Lecithin has also been found to be useful in treating other motor conditions such as motor impairments caused by muscle weakness. Lecithin use over a prolonged period can not only rejuvenate the fatty layer surrounding the nerve fibers but also improve the neurological processes of the brain.

Conditions that have to do with motor impairments usually begin in infanthood, so if you can get your hands on an infant formula that has lecithin as one of its main ingredients, you might as well, even if your child appears to be healthy.

It Is Safe

The best thing about lecithin is that it one hundred percent safe and has no side effects. So if you do decide to invest in a baby formula containing lecithin, you will have made the right decision.

With the easy provision of sunflower based lecithin or organic lecithin, the decision is even easier. Oftentimes, babies are allergic to dairy products. Alternatively, your baby might also be lactose intolerant.

If this is the case, soy-based products are a good alternative for your baby to get all the required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. However, in recent times, people have been voicing out their objections to lecithin that comes from soy as strong chemicals such as hexane are used to extract the lecithin from the soy plant.

Furthermore, soy consists primarily of protein. As such, the lecithin that is derived from the soy plant is also mainly protein. Your baby might be allergic to the high protein content of soy. This is, in fact, the number one reason people are moving away from soy lecithin and towards organic lecithin.

The good news is that sunflower-based lecithin has quickly gained popularity in the United States and worldwide. Sunflower-based lecithin or organic lecithin is completely safe and can provide your baby with all the essential nutrients they need to be healthy.

It Dissolves Well In Milk or Water

Lecithin is increasingly being used as an ingredient in baby and infant formulas because of its solubility in milk and water. In powdered form (as in most baby formulas), it can dissolve in liquids such as milk or water so that your baby can drink it easily. You need to keep in mind the comfort of your baby before deciding which baby or infant formula to invest in.

Lecithin and organic lecithin have a number of benefits for your baby. From improved brain functioning to improved motor performance, among others. Organic lecithin is safe and has barely any side effects and should be your go-to when deciding on a baby formula. Remember, the health of your baby always comes first! Make sure to make the right decision!

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