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Why Everyone Loves Eating Pizza

The Science Behind Why Everyone Loves Eating Pizza So Much

When it comes to discussing about culinary achievements in the world, or more importantly, foods that everyone loves around the world, you will find pizza right in the mix, or at the very top of the pile. There is no secret to learning that people from all walks of life and across different generations love eating pizza and can’t get enough of it. Pizza holds a special place in the heart and stomach of every individual on planet Earth, which is something that hardly any food can compete with.

But what is it exactly about pizza that makes everyone love it so much? That question is an interesting one, and maybe difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t know about pizza, or hasn’t tried it yet. Good luck finding someone who hasn’t eaten pizza in their life, but there are people who may not have tasted this perfect delicacy. In many ways, pizza is the perfect snack, as it consists of the perfect combination of crispy crust drenched in savory sauce, concealed under a mountain of gooey, melting cheese. The best thing about pizza is there is so much variety, and an endless array of toppings that can be used to create this manna from heaven.

However, apart from being mouth-wateringly delicious, pizza is also a healthy snack. It is highly convenient, easy to eat, and relatively simple to make as well. Many will agree that the best way to enjoy a relaxing day is having someone deliver piping hot pizza right at your doorstep, while you are binge-watching Netflix the entire day. It doesn’t get better than that! If you’re still wondering what makes pizza so special or why people around the world love eating it so much, here are some reasons that may clear any doubts or reservations you may have about pizza.

1. Pizza makes eating veggies easier

Don’t like eating vegetables? No problem. You can enjoy a veggie pizza that will be piled with all the essential greens that you need for vitamins. Eating vegetables when they are covered in melted cheese, and sauce is easier, and helps you stay heathy as well.

2. Pizza helps the body absorb more lycopene

Lycopene, is an antioxidant compound that prevents heart disease and illnesses. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, and eating foods that are packed with lycopene, like pizza helps your body absorb it faster.

3. Pizza can help fight cancer

You will probably doubt this, but pizza is known to protect from certain cancers. This is backed by studies, which stated that people who eat pizza are 60% less likely to develop esophagus cancer, and 34% less likely to develop throat cancer, and 26% less likely to get colon cancer.

4. Pizza doesn't care how lazy you are

If you love lazing around the home and not getting off from your couch, then pizza is probably your favorite food on the planet. It is easily delivered at your doorstep, from your phone, and you can enjoy piping hot pizza all day.

5. It's the perfect drunk food

Nothing tastes better than pizza when you’re drunk and craving food. It is cheap, portable, and you can eat it easily with your hands as well. The dough in pizza also soaks up the alcohol.

6. You can eat pizza for any meal of the day

There is no perfect time to eat pizza, and you can eat leftover pizza from the night before for breakfast. The best thing about pizza is that it tastes great at any time of the day!

7. Pizza will never judge you

If you are tired of being judged by other people about the amount of pizza you consume daily, you should cut them out of your life. Pizza doesn’t judge you, and is never negative towards you. It was there when you were eating your way through your breakup and never left your side.

8. Pizza knows how to dress for any occasion

Pizza is also a food that can be eaten for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday, your wedding, a party, or any other event, you can enjoy pizza at anytime and for any occasion.

9. It's way better than other fast foods

There are a lot of other fast foods that are loved by all, but when it comes to pizza there is no fast food that comes near. It is way better and healthier than a Big Mac and fries.

10. Eating pizza can save you a lot of cash

One of the best things about pizza is that apart from being delicious it is very affordable. You can enjoy a slice of pizza for a single dollar and enjoy the deliciousness anywhere.

11. Deep dish pizza is loaded with antioxidants

There maybe a debate about deep dish and thin crust pizza, but Chicago style pizzas are the best ones. They are also known to have disease fighting antioxidants because of the higher oven temps, longer baking time, and bigger crust size.

12. Pizza is packed with protein

Yes, pizza is jam-packed with proteins, which are buried underneath the mouth-watering cheese. A slice of pizza has 15grams of protein, which builds strong muscle, repairs body cells, and gives you energy.

13. There's a slice to suit everyone

Another great thing about pizza is that it is available in different forms, since there are various types enjoyed all around the world. You can have a plain pizza slice, have one pilled with pepperoni, or one with bacon-ranch and buffalo chicken. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza, and you can enjoy it in any way you want.

There are even gluten-free pizza options, but whatever you do, don’t add pineapple on your pizza slices!

14. Pizza doesn't mind staying up late

Want a snack at midnight? The first thing that comes into your mind is order a pizza. It is the best food to enjoy late at night when you are pulling an all-nighter in the library or want a delicious late-night snack at home. No matter what time it is, you will always find delicious tasting pizza.

Studies show people like pizza more than their friends

There is no denying the love that people have for pizza, and studies have now confirmed that some people like pizza more than they love their friends! Let’s be honest for a bit here. Everyone loves a delicious cheese covered pizza with lots of sauce a thick crunchy crust. The love for pizza is universal, and people from around the world unanimously agree that their lives would be a lot dull if not for pizza. A recent study conducted by MIT managed to prove that people love pizza more than their friends!

Researchers at MIT offered free pizza to a select group of people, if they gave out the email address of their friend’s. The findings showed that 98% of the people asked, gave away the personal details of their friends for free pizza.

When you factor in that other studies have shown, more than 74% of people in the United States think it is extremely important to control their personal information, while 60% state that they won’t share their email contacts with unknown people or outlets. However, when offered free pizza, 98% of the same people forgot about that and had no hesitation in sharing personal information on their friends.

This clearly showed that even though people highly value privacy, they are willing to part with private data easily when given the proper incentives. The results clearly showed that small incentives like a cheese pizza can impact major decisions, like parting with sensitive data. However, the important thing to look at here, is the way consent is given here, to ensure that consumers are making decisions that are consistent with what they prefer.

The Science of the 5 Basic Tastes and Pizza’s Crave-ability!

Naples, Italy was the birthplace of pizza, and it was a food that was created to feed the working people. That is why it was created in a manner that was inexpensive, convenient and fast. Not a lot of people knew about the existence of pizza, but World War II changed all that. It was towards the end of the war, when returning soldiers arrived in America, they brought pizza along with them.

That was how pizza become a part of American culture, and it hasn’t looked back, since then and gradually take over the entire world. Pizza is considered a ‘high consumption food’, and 1 in 8 Americans consume pizza every single day. It is low cost, convenient, and versatile, which are all qualities that you want, but one thing that makes pizza so irresistible is that it tastes divine!

The 5 Types of Taste

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a casual lunch with friends, at a social gathering, or lazing around at home, you can always enjoy pizza in any setting. For some people pizza is irresistible, but have you ever wondered what is that makes pizza so irresistible for so many people? It is hard to stop at only 1 slice, and you find yourself picking up a second slice, and then even a third one for good measure.

There is a simple answer to that, which is all down to your taste buds. There are 5 different types of taste that the human tongue recognizes, which are:

* Sweet

* Sour

* Salty

* Bitter

* Umami

The ingredients in the food stimulate the taste buds, which is what allows us to feel the different types of tastes when consuming food. For instance, hydrochloric acid in food helps us taste ‘sour’, sucrose in food helps us taste ‘sweet’, quinine in food helps us taste ‘bitter’, sodium chloride is responsible for the salty flavor in food, and glutamate stimulates the umami taste.

Everyone knows what sour, bitter, sweet, and salty foods taste like, but ask someone what umami tastes like, and they will struggle to explain it. Umami is a Japanese word, which means delicious and is used to describe rich and savory.

Glutamate and umami are responsible for enhancing flavor, and are the reason why people crave eating a certain food more. A lot of people may know glutamate, and its flavor enhancing qualities, due to its reputation in monosodium glutamate (MSG). However, glutamate is also found naturally in some foods, and is used commonly by culinary professionals for its natural flavor enhancing qualities.

So Why Exactly Does Pizza Taste So Good?

The simple reason why pizza tastes so good is easy to answer. The higher quantities of glutamate in your food, the more flavor it is going to have. It is animal protein sources like fish, chicken, pork, and beef that are rich in glutamate, while aged cheese and tomatoes are packed with glutamate. All these ingredients act as the foundation of a pizza, so you can bet it is packed with glutamate.

A single slice of pizza can have around 3 tbsp. of tomato sauce, which will have 140 milligrams of glutamate in it. One tbsp. of Parmesan cheese can be used as seasoning on a pizza slice and that will contain 75 milligrams of glutamate. When you first bite into your warm pizza, topped with melted cheese and tomato sauce, your taste buds are heavily stimulated by the glutamate, which hooks you and leaves you wanting more. Mushrooms, which are another common pizza topping are rich in glutamate, and add even more flavor to the pizza.

A lot of culinary professionals believe that if you pair or combine food with similar flavor compounds, you will get an extremely delicious dish. Therefore, when you combine all the ingredients that are used in a typical pizza, you get a dish that is jam-packed with glutamate, and flavor.

Maverik Oils is a great place to find all vegetable oils, release agents, and divider oils need for your pizza making process.


So, there you have it! The science behind why everyone loves eating pizza so much, clearly shows us the reason why pizzas taste like manna from heaven. However, you should also be aware of how much pizza you are consuming every day because too much of anything can be bad for you. Sometimes all you need is a single slice of pizza to make everything in your day right!

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