At Maverik Oils, we realize releasing is a critical step in the baking process. Maverik Baking Release Agents and Organic Baking Release Agents assures clean, easy removal of a variety of baked goods, with better results and cost savings. Maverik Baking Release products feature high resistance to oxidation, so they wont leave a sticky residue and are particularly suitable for products which require an extended shelf life. We offer a wide variety of Organic certified Baking Release Agents. We pride ourselves to deliver the most reliable supply of organic products at the highest level of food safety and quality in the industry. 

Oils and shortenings available in bulk tanker truck, 275 gal totes, 55 gal drums and 35 lb pails. Harder fats & oils are available in 50 lb cubes and 55 gal drums.