Mold Inhibitor For Food & Baking

Superior Quality Mold Inhibitors for Multiple Applications in the Food Industry

A loaf of fresh bread with some organic honey or dipped in balsamic vinegar is absolutely delicious. However, being a high-moisture perishable item, bread, cakes, and other baked goods have food ingredients that require protection preservatives. This helps prevent mold growth. Both synthetic and natural mold inhibitors are used in the baking industry today.

What is a Mold Inhibitor?

Also known as clean label mold inhibitors, these are chemical preservatives added to various types of foods to prevent the growth of mold. This way it increases the product's shelf life. Baked goods like bread and cakes are common examples of such chemical or natural preservatives being used.

There are both chemical preservatives and natural mold inhibitor for food. Some common examples of all natural mold inhibitor includes vinegar, raisin paste concentrate, starch, rosemary oil, whey, fermented flour, and other cultured products.

We provide you access to high-quality mold inhibitor products that you can utilize for various applications within the food industry. Clean label mold inhibiting products are found in two categories. These categories are defined on the basis of what they do.

  • The first category is pH reduction. These mold inhibiting products reduce the pH of the dough they are added to. Examples include vinegar, whey, raisin concentrate, prune or plum concentrate or cultured flour.

  • Second category encourages cell disruption. For example, cinnamon, cloves, and natamycin, etc. are used to disrupt cellular membranes of mold spores and cells.


Why do Bakers add Mold Inhibitors to Baked Goods?

As mentioned already, bread and similar baked products has a tendency to retain mold after a couple of weeks or less, depending on where you live. The agriculture world grows various natural mold inhibitors that can prevent this from happening.

There are certain enzymes and microbial agents in mold inhibitors that extend shelf life of sch good and prevent mold growth. In addition to natural mold inhibitors, there are also chemical ones available in the market.

The most common types of mold inhibitors used in baked goods include propionates, sorbates, benzoates, acetic acid, and parabens.

How to Use Mold Inhibitor?

Depending on the category of the mold inhibiting products used, there are multiple applications of mold inhibitors. Organic White Distilled Vinegar 100 grain or White Distilled Vinegar 200 Grain is used by commercial bakers as a mold inhibitor in bread.

Raisin juice concentrate, on the other hand, is used for its active compounds that include tartaric and propionic acid. When it comes to cell disruption, cinnamon and cloves are often used in various food products. Besides impacting mold growth, these contribute flavors and/or aromas to a product.

Quick FAQs

Does a mold inhibitor have any taste?

This depends on the type and quantity of inhibitor used. When added in the recommended doses, it doesn't interfere with the flavor profile of the product they are being added to.

Do mold inhibitors work on yeast?

This depends on the type of inhibitor used. Propionates typically are not effective against yeast or mold, which makes them more frequently used in yeast-raised products. Sorbates or sorbic acid, on the other hand, can inhibit the fermentation yeast starts.

How does calcium propionate inhibit mold?

Calcium propionate is both an organic mold inhibitor for baking and formulated synthetically. It can be found in cheeses and butters. It kills off mold cells and microbes by preventing the yield of energy they need to survive.

Where to Get High-Quality Mold Inhibiting Products?

Maverik Oils believes in providing consistency and continued excellence in service. Working with some of the leading manufacturers in the market, we provide you with access to superior mold inhibitors whether you need a natural mold inhibitor for cheese or break baking, we can go the distance to ensure you get what you are looking for.

Our products ensure that you can sustain natural health and longevity of your baked or fermented goods.


From synthetic to natural products, you can rest assured that you will receive your ingredients without any compromise in our client-centric customer service.

To find more information about us or the products we offer, please give us a call today.

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