Dough Dividers Oils

High-Quality Dough Divider Oils for Optimal Performance

Besides scaling weights, dough or bread dividers are essential machines in the kitchen. Bakers and pastry chefs use the bread cutting machine to divide the dough by volume metrics and rounding and cutting the dough into equal proportions.

For dough divider rounder to work properly, they need regular servicing and lubrication. Food grade oils also called release agents are used to slick up the blades so the dough won't get caught.

Our series of high-quality dough divider oil products ensure a clean release. Experience and relations with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry have allowed us to be a distributor of quality, reliability, and client-centric customer service.

What is divider oil?

Made of food-grade refined vegetable oils, divider oils are lubricants used to prevent sticky dough from adhering to the divider or hopper. Similar to white mineral oils, these types of oils are odorless and colorless.

Prioritizing the maintenance of quality, Maverik Oils sources their range of divider oils from manufacturers that have mastered the process. Divider oils are formulated by combining fatty acids and triglyceride esters obtained from organic, refined vegetable oils.

Dough divider oil is viscous enough to keep the mechanics of the machine working smoothly. It helps keep the heads of the divider properly vacuumed and the scale weight maintained.

Some FAQs

What does a dough divider do?

Dough dividers are kitchen appliances used in commercial bakeries. It mechanically divides the dough by volume into equal weighing pieces. A mass volume of dough is fed into the feeder, which rotates the dough, pumping out dough balls.

How does a dough rounder work?

A dough divider uses a blade to cut through dough into equal proportions. When the dough leaves the blade, it's the rounder's job to turn it into a smooth, rounded ball.

The purpose of this step is to turn the sticky cut surface of the dough section into the smooth outer skin. This prevents gas from diffusing out of the dough.

Maverik Oils is home to a wide range of every type of divider oil. Please ring the phone to find out how we can provide you with high-quality products at attractive costs.

  • Divider Oil 70​

  • Organic Divider Oil​

  • Organic Sugar Cutting Divider Oil

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