At Maverik Oils, it begins with family.

As a family-run operation, we recognize that the dynamics and needs from one business to the next can vary greatly. Since day one, that has inspired us to personalize every experience based on the specific products you need. Operating at our highest potential paves the way for you to operate at yours – productivity breeding productivity.

From the most well-known corporations to the smallest start-ups, by working together with us, you become part of the Maverik family.


Chase Newman-Brewer
Scott Brewer
Adrienne Brewer
Gabby Brewer
Joe Huebner


Graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business, Chase brings over 9 years of operational and sales management experience to Maverik. Chase has visited 16 different countries around the world, and his sense of adventure and exploration is evident in his work ethic.

Vice President

   Gabby is a true “Maverik” in every sense. Her dynamic analytical skills and outside the box approach, is what allows her to differentiate herself from competitors. Whether it’s building new product lines, building new relationships, or building new markets, Gabby always looks to challenge the status quo with the sole purpose of adding value for her customers. She graduated from California State Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and infuses her passion to help people and see others succeed into her work. When not working, she enjoys family and travel.

Managing Partner

With almost a decade of industry experience, Scott thrives on the successful relationships he has with his customers. Scott’s passion for competition is immeasurable in everything he does. In fact, if your company has a softball team, he could be your next ringer.

Director of Operations

Adrienne is the core of the Maverik Oils Team. Her wide variety of skill sets including operations, customer service, and administrative make her irreplaceable. In addition, she brings a fierce competitive streak that fuels the entire Maverik Team to push for perfection. Outside of work, you may find her planning the next family weekend barbeque, where she dominates the “ping pong” table.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Southern California raised with over 10 years experience in both Sales and Marketing. He loves his family, traveling, surfing, and interaction with people.  He applies his "be happy" attitude and dedication to Maverik and everyday life.